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A Home Made Pokemon Trainer Card by BlackTigress-TLB
A Home Made Pokemon Trainer Card
I've made a new trainer card..
I'm going to get a 2DS soon..It's gonna be the black/blue one with a blue silicone case - it'll remind me of the old electric blue Ds phat I used to have when I was 11..

Anywho, I plan on waiting until Omega Ruby comes out..So I'm not sure of the genders of my pokemon yet.

I have a Kangaskhan in the back because I'm a LEGIT Kangaskhan fan..I don't want one just for it's mega-evolution, as I've been catching them since Fire Red..She's my favorite pokemon because she's cool looking, rare, and a Normal type (which is the best type of pokemon, imo.)

I've been playing Pokemon Showdown! a lot, and realized that...this team is most likely not suitable enough for me..So although I won't be using it, it still looks cool as a card..

(This is considered as fan-art. It was created in Adobe Photoshop. I altered a sprite in order for the character to look like me - this was done by using and ArtWeaver. I am not trying to sell this or whatever, it's just fan art to show how a pokemon trainer card would look like. Anything Pokemon related on this card is owned by Nintendo and may possibly be recolored/edited by me.)
Draggalita - The Obsessed Circus Employee by BlackTigress-TLB
Draggalita - The Obsessed Circus Employee
I basically tried to see if I could make a "dragon" on Soul Calibur V...So Draggalita was born..

She doesn't have much of a story..I claim that she's a crazy worker at a circus who takes her job extremely seriously. So outside of work, she still claims to be a "dragon", and frightens everyone out in public..

Driller - The Vengeance Seeker by BlackTigress-TLB
Driller - The Vengeance Seeker
I started playing Soul Calibur V, and loved the characters I I made very weird, little stories for them..They're set back in the slightly medieval times, but with weird quirks - such as good technology and such.
(I took three pics since his mask can be a bit confusing to see / understand..)


(Story): This is "Driller". His real name is Skyler Schmidt. Skyler is a 26 year old man who is Italian and Spanish. He lives with his brother, "Creeper" -…

Skyler is the younger twin brother of "Creeper", who's name is actually Tyler. Skyler was supposed to be born first, but due to complications, Skyler was born three days after Tyler. He was born with an unknown hemoglobin condition, which causes his skin to be pale and makes it slightly harder for him to breathe. Also, just like his brother Tyler, he was born with a slight form of Proteus Syndrome - however, it only seems to affect his legs.

Although Skyler is a significantly great fighter, he never paid much attention to his skills and became a blacksmith. He helped and communicated with people on a regular basis, although he didn't like it too much - since some people were rude about his slightly different appearance.

One day, everything started to change when his brother Tyler became distraught. That was the day Tyler had the idea to become "Creeper" and desired to ruin the everyday lives of citizens within vilages.
Skyler didn't quite like the idea of Creeper, yet it didn't really bother him - as he didn't quite like people anyway. So Skyler let Tyler become "Creeper" and didn't distract him from his "work", especially since the "job" brought in a little extra cash and such.

Then months later, Creeper became distraught once again. This time, Creeper was finally defeated by a villager. This enraged Skyler, as he was never fond of anyone who even remotely teased his brother - only this time, his brother lost in a battle, making his rage worse than ever.

Creeper, using some persuasion, finally convinced Skyler to help him out with his troubling job of roaming villages. This is when the idea of "Driller" came into Skyler's mind.
He hand crafted his very odd, yet slightly scary and tacky outfit. After he dressed himself, it was time to seek vengence against the victor of Creeper's battle. Afterwards and after getting a very deep sounding voice implant surgically lodged into his throat (from the same weird scientist that Creeper visited for the same procedure), Skyler officially became "Driller". He came up with that name due to the weird, tentacle-like structured mask he created, that very slightly resembles a drill.

Driller knew he was an excellent fighter. Later on when a few others would eventually defeat his brother, Driller would boastfully ruin villages while seeking vengeance against those people. His favorite statement is "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?"

Driller has never officially lost any battles against those who originally beated his brother. However, only one person - who simply challenged him (didn't even defeat his brother) was Very close to winning a battle against him.

Randon Stuff:

Birthday: October 13th.
Height: 5'9.
Weight: 150 lbs.
Favorite hobby: Carving / creating weapons.
Favorite food: Tuna Tartare.
Personality: Serious "nerd" type.

Although he had many friends, Driller didn't exactly "like" people in general.

Driller is 100% abstinent. He doesn't drink or smoke, and also never plans to get married or have any children - as he states: "Love is for the weak..."

A close friend of his actually admires him, but this causes him to slightly dislike her after he finds out. Eventually, she tries to convince him to stop his wrong-doing against the villagers. This causes him to become friendly towards her, like he was before.
Creeper - The Village Roamer by BlackTigress-TLB
Creeper - The Village Roamer
I started playing Soul Calibur V, and loved the characters I I made very weird, little stories for them..They're set back in the slightly medieval times, but with weird quirks - such as good technology and such.


(Story): This is "Creeper". His real name is Tyler Schmidt. Tyler is a 26 year old man who, despite his red color (which he painted on himself), is actually Italian and Spanish. Tyler lives with his brother, "Driller" -…

Tyler is the older twin brother of "Driller", who's name is actually Skyler. He was born three days before Skyler, but is wrecked with two medical conditions - Primordial Dwarfism, as well as a slight form of Proteus Syndrome.

Although his health is considered poor, Tyler was actually a confident, content, and normal person. Painting himself red and wearing an odd mask never appealed to him. However, solely due to his appearance (brought on from his medical conditions), people within the village automatically considered him "annoying" and "useless".

Tyler could never land a job, and his only known profession was wrestling during middle and high school. After high school, Tyler even found and began a relationship with someone, as he states: "I even found someone just like me, you know - a 'little person'.."
However, she claimed that his love "wasn't enough" and since he didn't have a job, she left him.

Due to bad experiences with people, Tyler decided to turn into "Creeper" - He painted himself red, decided to wear an odd mask, trained himself to become a phenomenal fighter, and decided to roam through various villages to steal money and goods from people. He even visited a weird scientist to get a voice implant surgically lodged into his throat, altering his voice into a weird, terrifying noise to scare his victims more so. His victims don't even know who Creeper really was - they assume he's a wild, unidentified, human-like animal.

The only way to stop Creeper is to stand up to him and challenge him to a battle. Most victims lose immediately, but Very rarely, some people will actually win the battle. When this happens, the person may think the trouble within the village is over for good. But unfortunately, they have a rude awakening prepared for them - as Creeper's brother Driller begins to seek vengeance right away for his defeated brother.

Random Stuff:

Birthday: October 10th.
Height: 5'0.
Weight: 182 lbs.
Favorite hobby: Anything relating to art.
Favorite food: Steak Chili.
Personality: Happy / Go-lucky type.

Creeper personally loves to walk bare foot, for reasons unknown.

Creeper tends to command his brother Driller since he's older, although it hardly ever works.
True Nightmare! by BlackTigress-TLB
True Nightmare!
You know how there's "True Ogre" in Tekken..? Well in Soul Calibur, there's True Nightmare!

...Yeah, not really, lol..

(Story): This guy claims to be the "original" Nightmare..He says that the Nightmare in Soul Calibur took his idea and ran with it..So he has no other choice than to try to defeat the (supposedly) fake Nightmare himself, even though no one believes that this guy was ever the "original" Nightmare character..


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Got to rent it from GameFly about three weeks ago..I love it. I made some pretty cool characters, so I'll post them up right away.
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Hello, I call myself the Black has a little meaning to it. It would be Rare to see a black tiger, and each tiger has it's own stripes; this makes them their own Individual. Since I view certain things differently, I call myself a Rare Individual. The Rare Individual, the Black Tigress...also..I think it would be so awesome if black tigers

Anyways, I draw from time to time. I love to use Prismacolor pencils but unfortunately I don't have any (I only used some at school) So most of my drawings are just simply black. Very rarely I'll use regular colored pencils just to add some sort of color. Eventually I'll have a scanner so you could really see how it looks like (I use a phone camera for now..)

Sometimes I do digital artwork. Most of the time I simply recolor pictures of animals (mainly felines) and add some art like qualities to it by using Very simple, and pretty much anyone can be an artist by using I mainly do that just too see my imagination (for example, trying my best to see a realistic black tiger.)

And also, from time to time, I post up fan art from video games I enjoy.

As for my future, I plan on becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

*I've recolored and digitally altered pictures of animals using and I do not own Any of the photos of the animals and I do Not own Any of the animals. I also do not plan to sell any of these pictures. They're just recolored and digitally altered - in other words, they're pretty much fan art, and made for fun.

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